A malocclusion in which the mandibular arch articulates with the maxillary arch in a position mesial to normal; in Angle classification, a Class III malocclusion. SYN: mesial occlusion (2).

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me·sio·clu·sion also me·si·oc·clu·sion .mē-zē-ə-'klü-zhən, -sē- n malocclusion characterized by mesial displacement of one or more of the lower teeth

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me·sio·clu·sion (me″ze-o-klooґzhən) [mesio- + L. cludere to close] malocclusion in which the mandibular arch is in an anterior position in relation to the maxillary arch (prognathism). Generally considered as identical with Class III in Angle classification of malocclusion (see malocclusion). Called also anterior occlusion, anteroclusion, and protrusive occlusion.

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