Having a face of moderate width, i.e., with a facial index of about 90. [meso- + G. prosopon, face]

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me·so·pro·so·pic -prə-'sōp-ik, -'säp- adj having a face of average width with a facial index of 84.0 to 87.9 as measured on the living head or 85.0 to 89.9 on the skull
me·so·pros·o·py -'präs-ə-pē, -prə-'säp-ē n, pl -pies

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meso·pro·sop·ic (mez″o-) (me″zo-pro-sopґik) [meso- + prosop- + -ic] having a face of moderate width.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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