1. A condition characterized by abnormal proliferation of tissue or cellular elements of bone marrow, e.g., multiple myeloma, myelocytic leukemia, myelofibrosis. 2. A condition in which there is abnormal proliferation of medullary tissue in the spinal cord, as in a glioma.
- aleukemic m. m. with absence of abnormal cellular elements in peripheral blood.
- chronic nonleukemic m. a condition in which there is abnormal proliferation of leukopoietic tissue that results in immature white blood cells in the circulating blood, but the total count is within the normal range.
- erythremic m. a neoplastic process involving the erythropoietic tissue, characterized by anemia, irregular fever, splenomegaly, hepatomegaly, hemorrhagic disorders, and numerous erythroblasts in all stages of maturation (with disproportionately large numbers of less mature forms) in the circulating blood; postmortem studies reveal primitive erythroblasts and reticuloendothelial cells, not only in hemopoietic organs, but also in the kidneys, adrenal glands, and other sites. Acute and chronic forms are recognized, but in the latter there is less prominence of the immature cells; the former is also called Di Guglielmo disease and acute erythremia.
- leukemic m. 1. SYN: granulocytic leukemia. 2. SYN: myeloblastic leukemia.
- leukopenic m., subleukemic m. SYN: subleukemic leukemia.

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my·e·lo·sis .mī-ə-'lō-səs n, pl -e·lo·ses -.sēz
1) the proliferation of bone marrow tissue to produce the changes in cell distribution typical of myelogenous leukemia

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my·elo·sis (mi″ə-loґsis) 1. myelocytosis. 2. the formation of a tumor of the spinal cord.

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