The male or female reproductive organs. The genitalia include internal structures, such as the ovaries, and external structures, such as the penis.
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The organs of reproduction or generation, external and internal. SYN: organa g. [TA], genital organs, genitals. [L. neut. pl. of genitalis, genital]
- ambiguous g. SYN: genital ambiguity.
- ambiguous external g. SYN: genital ambiguity.
- external g. the vulva in the female, and the penis and scrotum in the male.
- female external g. [TA] the external feminine genital organs, the vulva and clitoris. SYN: external female genital organs, organa g. feminina externa.
- female internal g. [TA] the internal feminine genital organs, the ovaries, uterine tubes, uterus, and vagina. SYN: internal female genital organs, organa g. feminina interna.
- indifferent g. reproductive organs of the embryo before definitive sex formation.
- male external g. [TA] the external masculine genital organs, the penis and scrotum. SYN: external male genital organs, organa g. masculina externa.
- male internal g. [TA] the internal masculine genital organs, the testes, epididymides, deferent ducts, seminal vesicles, prostate, and bulbourethral glands. SYN: internal male genital organs, organa g. masculina interna.

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gen·i·ta·lia .jen-ə-'tāl-yə n pl the organs of the reproductive system esp the external genital organs
gen·i·ta·lic -'tal-ik, -'tāl- adj

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pl. n.
the reproductive organs of either the male or the female. However, the term is usually used in reference to the external parts of the reproductive system. See also vulva.

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gen·i·ta·lia (jen″ĭ-taґle-ə) [L., pl.] the organs of reproduction, particularly those external to the body; see entries beginning organa genitalia, under organum.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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