1. A substance manufactured in thin sheets from wood, rags, or other materials. 2. A square of p. folded over so as to form an envelope containing a dose of any medicinal powder. 3. A piece of blotting p. or filter p. impregnated with a medicinal solution, dried, and burned; formerly, the fumes were inhaled in the treatment of asthma and other respiratory affections. [L. papyrus; G. papyros, a kind of rush, from which writing p. was made]
- articulating p. SYN: occluding p..
- chromatography p. used in p. chromatography. SYN: high-quality filter p..
- Congo red p. p. impregnated with Congo red; used as a pH indicator, changing from blue-violet at 3.0 to red at 5.0.
- filter p. an unsized p. used in pharmacy and chemistry for filtering solutions; many varieties are used for p. chromatography.
- high-quality filter p. SYN: chromatography p..
- niter p. p. impregnated with potassium nitrate that is ignited to produce fumes inhaled as treatment for asthma. SYN: potassium nitrate p., saltpeter p..
- occluding p. an inked p. or ribbon interposed between natural or artificial teeth to determine tooth contacts. SYN: articulating p..
- potassium nitrate p. SYN: niter p..
- saltpeter p. SYN: niter p..

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pa·per (paґpər) a substance manufactured in thin sheets, prepared from wood, rags, or other fibrous substance which has first been reduced to a pulp.

Medical dictionary. 2011.


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