1. One of a pair of caudal chemoreceptors seen in nematodes of the class Secernentasida (Phasmidia). 2. Common name for a member of the class Phasmidia, now Secernentasida.

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phas·mid 'fas-mid n either of the paired lateral postanal organs characteristic of most parasitic nematodes and usu. regarded as chemoreceptors see PHASMIDIA

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phas·mid (fazґmid) 1. one of a pair of caudal chemoreceptors occurring in certain nematodes. The class Nematoda is sometimes divided into two subclasses, Phasmidia and Aphasmidia, on the basis of the presence or absence of these organs. 2. a nematode belonging to the Phasmidia. Cf. aphasmid.

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