phosphatidic acid

phosphatidic acid
1,2-Diacylglycerol phosphate; a derivative of glycerophosphoric acid in which the two remaining hydroxyl groups of the glycerol are esterified with fatty acid s; e.g., phosphatidic acid s attached to choline are phosphatidylcholines (lecithins).

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phosphatidic acid n any of several acids (RCOO)2C3H5OPO3H2 that are formed from phosphatides by partial hydrolysis and that yield on hydrolysis two fatty-acid molecules RCOOH and one molecule each of glycerol and phosphoric acid

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phos·pha·ti·dic ac·id (fos″fə-tiґdik) glycerol esterified with long-chain fatty acyl groups at C1 and C2 and phosphorylated at C3; it is the simplest phosphoglyceride (q.v.), the parent compound of most important membrane phospholipids, and a key intermediate in the biosynthesis and degradation of many phosphoglycerides.

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