1. Sowing of bacteria on a solid medium in a Petri dish or similar container; the making of a plate culture. 2. Application of a metal bar to keep the ends of a fractured bone in apposition. 3. Electrolytic deposition of a metal.
- replica p. a procedure for producing an accurate copy of bacterial colonies from one agar plate to another.

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plat·ing 'plāt-iŋ n
1) the spreading of a sample of cells or microorganisms on a nutrient medium in a petri dish
2) the immobilization of a fractured bone by securing a metal plate to it

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plat·ing (plātґing) 1. the act of preparing a bacterial culture on a plate of solid medium in a Petri dish; the preparation of a plate culture. 2. the application of plates to fractured bones for the purpose of holding the fragments in place.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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