Apparently of the same color; denoting certain charts containing colored spots mixed with figures printed in confusion colors; used in testing for color vision deficiency.

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pseu·do·iso·chro·mat·ic -.ī-sə-krō-'mat-ik adj falsely or apparently isochromatic specif of, relating to, using, or being a set of colored plates that include some which appear isochromatic to individuals with color-vision abnormality and that are used in the Ishihara test for color blindness

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pseu·do·iso·chro·mat·ic (soo″do-i″so-kro-matґik) seemingly of the same color throughout; in tests for color blindness, this refers to solutions that contain two pigments distinguishable by the normal eye but are seen by a color blind eye as having a single color. Cf. anisochromatic.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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