The plant, Convolvulus scammonia (family Convolvulaceae), the dried root of which contains a cathartic resin. SEE ALSO: ipomea. [G. skammonia]

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scam·mo·ny 'skam-ə-nē n, pl -nies
1) a twining plant of the genus Convolvulus (C. scammonia) of Asia Minor with a large thick root
2 a) the dried root of scammony
b) a cathartic resin obtained from scammony

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scam·mo·ny (skamґə-ne) [L. scammonium, scammonia] 1. Convolvulus scammonia. 2. the dried root of C. scammonia or the resin derived from it; formerly used as a cathartic. 3. any of various other plants of the family Convolvulaceae, or the root or resin derived therefrom.

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