The chemical form to which iodine in the diet is reduced before it is absorbed through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream and carried through the blood to the thyroid gland.
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1. The negative ion of iodine, I. 2. Any salt of hydroiodic acid. 3. Any compound containing an iodine atom linked to a carbon.
- i. peroxidase an oxidoreductase catalyzing reactions between iodine and water to yield i. and H2O2; also catalyzes iodination and deiodination of tyrosine compounds; a deficiency of this enzyme leads to a loss of the iodotyrosine derivatives and iodine from the thyroid and results in goiter. SYN: iodinase, iodotyrosine deiodase.
- sodium i. iodine-131 prepared from radioactive iodine (131I); nominally carrier-free, with a half-life of 8.1 days; used as a diagnostic agent in suspected thyroid disease and in the treatment of selected thyroid diseases.

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io·dide 'ī-ə-.dīd n a salt of hydriodic acid also the monovalent anion I- of such a salt

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io·dide (iґo-dīd) any binary compound of iodine; the I anion. Dietary iodine is reduced to iodide, absorbed in the intestines, and later taken up from the bloodstream by the thyroid gland for incorporation into thyroid hormones.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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