Talk; the use of the voice in conveying ideas. [A.S. spaec]
- alaryngeal s. a form of s. achieved after laryngectomy by using either an external vibratory source or the pharyngoesophageal segment as an internal vibratory source. see also esophageal s.. Tracheoesophageal s. may be produced after laryngectomy by surgically diverting exhaled air to the pharynx by a permanently constructed tracheoesophageal fistula.
- cerebellar s. an explosive type of utterance, with slurring of words.
- clipped s. SYN: scamping s..
- cued s. a system of communication with a person with profound hearing impairment in which handshapes are used to cue sounds to supplement spoken language.
- echo s. SYN: echolalia.
- esophageal s. a technique for speaking following total laryngectomy; consists of drawing air into the esophagus and regurgitating it, producing a vibration in the hypopharynx.
- explosive s. loud, sudden s. related to injury of the nervous system. SYN: logospasm (2).
- helium s. the peculiar high-pitched, often unintelligible s. sounds produced when one breathes a mixture of up to 80° per cent helium and 20° per cent oxygen.
- mirror s. a reversal of the order of syllables in a word, analogous to mirror writing.
- scamping s. a form of lalling in which consonants or syllables that are difficult to pronounce are omitted. SYN: clipped s..
- scanning s. measured or metered, often slow s. with interruptions.
- slurring s. slovenly articulation of the more difficult letter sounds.
- spastic s. labored s. related to increased tone of muscles.
- staccato s. an abrupt utterance, each syllable being enunciated separately; noted especially in multiple sclerosis. SYN: syllabic s..
- subvocal s. slight movements of the muscles of s. related to thinking but producing no sound.
- syllabic s. SYN: staccato s..
- tracheoesophageal s. a form of alaryngeal s. obtained by a surgical technique which creates a shunt between trachea and esophagus, allowing pulmonary air to generate upper esophageal and pharyngeal mucosal vibrations as a substitute for vocal cord vibrations when the larynx is surgically removed.

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speech 'spēch n the communication or expression of thoughts in spoken words

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(spēch) the utterance of vocal sounds conveying ideas. Cf. phonation.

Medical dictionary. 2011.