Common name for a member of the superfamily Spiruroidea.

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spi·rur·oid 'spī-rə-.rȯid adj resembling or related to the family Spiruridae <a \spiruroid nematode>

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  • spiruroid — I. u̇ˌrȯid adjective Etymology: New Latin Spirura + English oid : resembling or related to the Spiruridae II. noun ( s) : a spiruroid worm …   Useful english dictionary

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  • Physaloptera — A large genus of spiruroid roundworms parasitic in the stomach and duodenum of vertebrates, especially birds and mammals; they are transmitted via insect and annelid intermediate hosts and are frequently pathogenic, causing erosions and catarrhal …   Medical dictionary

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  • larva migrans — A larval worm, typically a nematode, that wanders for a period in the host tissues but does not develop to the adult stage; this usually occurs in unusual hosts that inhibit normal development of the parasite. [L …   Medical dictionary

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