1. A thin plate of bone. 2. An epidermal scale. SYN: squame. SYN: scale (2). [L. a scale]
- frontal s. SYN: squamous part of occipital bone.
- s. frontalis [TA] SYN: squamous part of frontal bone.
- s. occipitalis, occipital s. [TA] SYN: squamous part of occipital bone.
- temporal s. SYN: squamous part of temporal bone.
- s. temporalis SYN: squamous part of temporal bone.

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squa·ma 'skwā-mə, 'skwä- n, pl squa·mae 'skwā-.mē, 'skwä-.mī a structure resembling a scale or plate: as
a) the curved platelike posterior portion of the occipital bone
b) the vertical portion of the frontal bone that forms the forehead
c) the thin anterior upper portion of the temporal bone

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n. (pl. squamae)
1. a thin plate of bone.
2. a scale, such as any of the scales from the cornified layer of the epidermis.

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squa·ma (skwaґmə) pl. squaґmae [L.] 1. in anatomy, a flat, platelike structure. 2. scale (def. 2).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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