An extended family or clan, a group of related individuals. The term "kindred" is used in population studies of diseases or genetic traits. For example, a syndrome of progressive retinal disease, endocrine (hormonal) abnormalities and degenerative liver disease was observed in eight patients, seven of whom belonged to one very large kindred. "Kindred" is composed of two parts: "kin" + "-dred." Kin is Middle English and referred to birth, race, kind. The "-dred" part is derived from "raeden" (condition) which in turn came from "raedan" (to advise).
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An aggregate of genetically related persons; distinguished from pedigree, which is a stylized representation of a k.. [O.E. kynrede, fr. cyn, kin, + rede, condition]
- degree of k. degree of k. between two members of a pedigree, the minimum number of steps to be traced in going from the one to the other. First degree relatives are sibs, parents, and progeny; second degree are uncles, aunts, nephews, and nieces and so forth. The term is defined for legal purposes e.g., consanguineous marriages, and may be misleading in genetics. The use of groups constituted by lumping together “first degree relatives” regardless of sex or the mode of inheritance in question should be avoided as it fails to distinguish progeny from siblings.

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kin·dred 'kin-drəd n a group of related individuals: a genealogical group <incidence of cancer among members of a \kindred>

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