2-Amino-3-hydroxybutyric acid; the l-isomer is one of the naturally occurring amino acid s, included in the structure of most proteins, and nutritionally essential in the diet of humans and other mammals.
- t. deaminase SYN: t. dehydratase.
- t. dehydratase an enzyme catalyzing the anaerobic deamination of l-t. to 2-ketobutyric acid and ammonia; a central step in t. catabolism. SYN: serine deaminase, t. deaminase.

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thre·o·nine 'thrē-ə-.nēn n a colorless crystalline essential amino acid C4H9NO3 that is found in various proteins abbr. Thr

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thre·o·nine (Thr) (T) (threґo-nēn) α-amino-β-hydroxybutyric acid, a natural essential amino acid necessary for optimal growth in infants and for nitrogen equilibrium in adults. See also table at amino acid. [USP] a preparation of threonine used as a dietary supplement.

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