1. A collection of three things having something in common. 2. The transverse tubule and the terminal cisternae on each side of it in skeletal muscle fibers. 3. SYN: portal t.. 4. The father, mother, and child relationship projectively experienced in group psychotherapy. [G. trias (t.-), the number 3, fr. treis, three]
- acute compression t. the rising venous pressure, falling arterial pressure, and decreased heart sounds of pericardial tamponade. SYN: Beck t..
- Beck t. SYN: acute compression t..
- Charcot t. 1. in multiple (disseminated) sclerosis, the three symptoms: nystagmus, tremor, and scanning speech; 2. combination of jaundice, fever, and upper abdominal pain that occurs as a result of cholangitis.
- Fallot t. SYN: trilogy of Fallot.
- hepatic t. SYN: portal t..
- Kartagener t. SYN: Kartagener syndrome.
- portal t. branches of the portal vein, hepatic artery, and the biliary ducts bound together in the perivascular fibrous capsule or portal tract as they ramify within the substance of the liver. SYN: hepatic t., t. (3).
- Saint t. the concurrence of hiatal hernia, diverticulosis, and cholelithiasis.

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tri·ad 'trī-.adalso -əd n
1) a union or group of three <a \triad of symptoms>
2) a trivalent element, atom, or radical
tri·ad·ic trī-'ad-ik adj

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(in medicine) a group of three united or closely associated structures or three symptoms or effects that occur together. A portal triad in a portal canal of the liver consists of a branch of the portal vein, a branch of the hepatic artery, and an interlobular bile tubule.

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tri·ad (triґad) [L. trias: Gr. trias group of three] 1. any trivalent element. 2. a group of three entities or objects, as an association of three symptoms.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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