A lesion of the skin or mucous membrane resulting from hypersensitivity to mycobacterial antigens disseminated from a distant site of active tuberculosis. [tubercul- + G. -id (1)]
- nodular t. SYN: erythema induratum.
- papular t. SYN: lichen scrofulosorum.
- papulonecrotic t. dusky-red papules followed by crusting and ulceration with nongranulomatous vascular changes primarily on the extremities and predominantly in young adults with a deep focus of tuberculosis or with a history of preceding infection. SYN: tuberculosis papulonecrotica.
- rosacea-like t. SYN: granulomatous rosacea.

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tu·ber·cu·lid t(y)u̇-'bər-kyə-ləd also tu·ber·cu·lide -kyə-.līd n a tuberculous lesion of the skin esp one that is an id

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tu·ber·cu·lid (too-burґku-lid) any of a group of recurrent skin eruptions, usually followed by spontaneous involution. Some authorities consider them local hyperergic reactions to mycobacteria or their antigens that are spread hematogenously to the skin from foci of active tuberculosis; others believe they are unrelated to tuberculosis. The group includes erythema induratum, lichen scrofulosorum, and papulonecrotic tuberculid; some also include lupus miliaris disseminatus faciei.

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