Constant repetition of meaningless words or phrases; seen in schizophrenia. SYN: oral stereotypy. [L. verbum, word, + gero, to carry about]

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ver·big·er·a·tion (.)vər-.bij-ə-'rā-shən n continual repetition of stereotyped phrases (as in some forms of mental disorder)

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repetitive utterances of the same words over and over again. This is a kind of stereotypy affecting speech and is most common in institutionalized schizophrenics.

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ver·big·er·a·tion (vər-bij″ər-aґshən) [L. verbigerare to chatter] stereotyped and meaningless repetition of words and phrases; seen in some cases of schizophrenia. See also logorrhea and perseveration. Called also cataphasia.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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