vinblastine sulfate

vinblastine sulfate
A dimeric alkaloid obtained from Vinca rosea. It arrests mitosis in metaphase (although vincristine is more active in this respect) and exhibits greater antimetabolic activity than does vincristine; used in the treatment of Hodgkin disease, choriocarcinoma, acute and chronic leukemias, and other neoplastic diseases; blocks microtubule assembly. SYN: vincaleucoblastine.

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vin·blas·tine sul·fate (vin-blasґtēn) [USP] the sulfate salt of a vinca alkaloid, used as an antineoplastic in treatment of lymphomas, including generalized Hodgkin disease, Kaposi sarcoma, advanced mycosis fungoides, Letterer-Siwe disease, choriocarcinoma resistant to other agents, breast carcinoma unresponsive to other therapy, and embryonal carcinoma of the testis. Administered intravenously.

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