A nucleoprotein complex found as cytoplasmic granules in certain bacteria, yeasts, and protozoa (such as trypanosome flagellates) which serves as food reserves. SYN: v. granules.

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vo·lu·tin 'väl-yə-.tin, və-'lüt-ən n a granular basophilic substance containing nucleic acids that is found esp. in cells of microorganisms (as bacteria, yeast, and protozoans) and is believed to function as a phosphate reserve called also metachromatin

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vo·lu·tin (vo-luґtin) a complex molecule containing large amounts of orthophosphate polymers, nucleoprotein, and lipid, occurring as cytoplasmic granular inclusions (granules) in certain bacteria, yeasts, yeastlike fungi, and protozoa, and serving as an intracellular phosphate reserve. Because volutin granules stain red with blue basic dyes they are sometimes called metachromatic granules.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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