A class of fungi characterized by sexual reproduction resulting in the formation of a zygospore, and asexual reproduction by means of nonmotile spores called sporangiospores or conidia. SYN: Phycomycetes. [zygo- + G. mykes (myket-), fungus]

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Zy·go·my·ce·tes .zī-gō-mī-'sēt-ēz n pl a subclass of fungi of the class Phycomycetes characterized by gametangia that are morphologically alike and by sexually produced zygospores
zy·go·my·ce·tous -'sēt-əs adj

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Zy·go·my·ce·tes (zi″go-mi-seґtēz) [zygo- + Gr. mykēs fungus] a class of saprobic and parasitic fungi of the phylum Zygomycota, having a mycelial thallus, coenocytic hyphae, and chitinous cell walls; sexual reproduction is by means of zygospores. Pathogenic organisms are included in the orders Entomophthorales, Mucorales, and Zoopagales.

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