Although PC is usually taken to mean personal computer, in the biomedical arena PC also stands for protein C, phosphocreatine, et al.
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avoirdupois weight [Lat. pondus civile]; pacinian corpuscle; packed cells; paper chromatography; paracortex; paramyotonia congenita; parent cell; particulate component; partition coefficient; patch clamp; penicillin; penile carcinoma; pentose cycle; peritoneal cell; personal care; personal computer; pharmacology; phase contrast; pheochromocytoma; phosphate cycle; phosphatidylcholine; phosphorylcholine; photoconduction; physicians' corporation; pill counter; piriform cortex; placebo-controlled; plasma concentration; plasma cortisol; plasmacytoma; plasmin complex; plastocyanin; platelet concentrate; platelet count; pneumotaxic center; polycarbonate; polycentric; polyposis coli; poor condition; poor coordination; portacaval; portal cirrhosis; postcoital; posterior cervical; posterior chamber; posterior commissure; posterior cortex; potential complications; preconditioned, preconditioning; precordial; prenatal care; present complaint; primary closure; principal component; printed circuit; procollagen; productive cough; professional corporation; prohormone convertase; prophlogistic corticoid; prostacyclin; prostatic carcinoma; protective cover; protein C; protein convertase; proximal colon; pseudocyst; pubococcygeus [muscle]; pulmonary capillary; pulmonary circulation; pulmonary compliance; pulmonic closure; Purkinje cell; pyloric canal; pyruvate carboxylase

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PC abbr
1) percent; percentage
2) [Latin post cibos] after meals used in writing prescriptions
3) professional corporation
4) purified concentrate

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phosphocreatine; sometimes used to designate phosphatidylcholine.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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