Stands for polycythemia vera, a condition characterized by overproduction (proliferation) of red blood cells due to bone marrow disease (myeloproferative disorder). PV tends to evolve into acute leukemia or a condition with the marrow replaced by scar tissue (myelofibrosis) For there to be PV, there must be polycythemia which exists when the hemoglobin, red blood cell (RBC) count, and total RBC volume are all above normal. For example, the hematocrit (the percentage of red blood cells in whole blood), normal range is from about 42 to about 52% in adult males and from about 37 to about 48% in adult females. The hematocrit in polycythemia is significantly above 52% in men and above 48% in females.
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pancreatic vein; papilla of Vater; pap-illomavirus; paramyxovirus; parapoxvirus; paraventricular; paravertebral; partial volume; parvovirus; pemphigus vulgaris; peripheral vascular; peripheral vein; peripheral vessel; picornavirus; pityriasis versicolor; plasma viscosity; plasma volume; pneumonia virus; polio vaccine; poliovirus; polycythemia vera; polyoma virus; polyvinyl; portal vein; postvasectomy; postvoiding; poxvirus; predictive value; pressure velocity; pressure-volume [curve]; process variable; progressive vaccinia; pulmonary valve; pulmonary vein

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