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  • Ru5P — • ribulose 5 phosphate …   Dictionary of medical acronyms & abbreviations

  • Calvin cycle — s or dark reactions.OverviewDuring photosynthesis, light energy is used to generate chemical free energy, stored in glucose. The light independent Calvin cycle, also (misleadingly) known as the dark reaction or dark stage , uses the energy from… …   Wikipedia

  • photosynthesis — photosynthetic /foh teuh sin thet ik/, adj. photosynthetically, adv. /foh teuh sin theuh sis/, n. Biol., Biochem. (esp. in plants) the synthesis of complex organic materials, esp. carbohydrates, from carbon dioxide, water, and inorganic salts,… …   Universalium

  • L-ribulose-5-phosphate 4-epimerase — In enzymology, a L ribulose 5 phosphate 4 epimerase (EC number| is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction:L ribulose 5 phosphate ightleftharpoons D xylulose 5 phosphateHence, this enzyme has one substrate, L ribulose 5 phosphate,… …   Wikipedia

  • Ribose-5-phosphat-Isomerase — Masse/Länge Primärstruktur 311 Aminosäuren …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Ribulosephosphat-3-Epimerase — Masse/Länge Primärstruktur 228 Aminosäuren …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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