Acronym for the right middle lobe (of the lung). The right lung has three lobes: the right lower lobe (RLL), the right middle lobe (RML), and the right upper lobe (RUL). The left lung has but two lobes: the left upper lobe (LUL) and the left lower lobe (LLL). The reason why the right lung has three lobes whereas the left lung has only two is not known but a convenient (albeit teleological) way to think about it is that the lack of a lobe on the left leaves room for the heart on that side. RML stands for a number of other, medically less relevant things such as remote microwave link and, carved on a tree, "Remember my love."
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Abbreviation for right middle lobe (of lung).
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radiation myeloid leukemia; regional medical library; right mediolateral; right middle lobe

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right middle lobe; see lobus medius pulmonis dextri.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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