To suck in. A patient may aspirate for example by accidentally drawing material from the stomach into the lungs. A doctor can aspirate a joint.
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1. (as′pi-rat′)To remove by aspiration. 2. (as′pi-rat′)To inhale into the airways foreign particulate material, such as vomitus. 3. Foreign body, food, gastric contents, or fluid, including saliva that is inhaled. [L. a-spiro, pp. -atus, to breathe on, give the H sound]

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as·pi·rate 'as-pə-.rāt vt, -rat·ed; -rat·ing
1) to draw by suction
2) to remove (as blood) by aspiration <the portal vein is exposed and blood is aspirated with a 50-ml. syringe (Biol. Abstracts)>
3) INHALE <aspirated material into the respiratory tract (Anesthesia Digest)>
as·pi·rate 'as-p(ə-)ret n material removed by aspiration

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as·pi·rate (asґpĭ-rāt) 1. to treat by aspiration. 2. the substance or material obtained by aspiration. 3. a consonantal speech sound in which part of the respiratory tract is constricted, the nasal cavity shut off, and the breath makes a whistling noise; an example is h.

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