acid·o·phil ə-'sid-ə-.fil, a- also acid·o·phile -.fīl adj ACIDOPHILIC (1)
acidophil also acidophile n a substance, tissue, or organism that stains readily with acid stains called also oxyphile

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1. (in histology) describing tissues, cells, or parts of cells that stain with acid dyes (such as eosin).
2. (in bacteriology) describing bacteria that grow well in acid media.

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acid·o·phil (ə-sidґo-fil″) [L. acidum acid + Gr. -phil] 1. a structure, cell, or other histologic element staining readily with acid dyes. 2. one of the hormone-producing acidophilic cells of the adenohypophysis; types include corticotrophs, lactotrophs, lipotrophs, and somatotrophs. Called also alpha cell and A cell. 3. an organism that grows well in highly acid media. acidophilic.

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