Ad·an·so·nia .ad-ən-'sō-nē-ə,, -nyə n a genus of trees (family Bombacaceae) having palmately divided leaves, white pendent flowers, and capsular fruits see BAOBAB
Adan·son ȧ-dän-sōn, 'ad-ən-sən Michel (1727-1806)
French naturalist. Adanson played a major, although unrecognized, role in introducing modern statistical methods into systematic botany. In 1763-64 he published Familles des plantes in which he proposed a system of plant classification and nomenclature based on many characters instead of a few selected ones. Although the system enjoyed a period of usage, it was superseded by the Linnaean system.

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Ad·an·so·nia (ad″an-soґne-ə) [Michel Adanson, French naturalist, 1727–1806] a genus of trees of the family Bombacaceae. A. digitaґta is the baobab, a huge tree of Africa and India. In Africa, the young leaves and seeds are eaten as food and the pulp is used as a diaphoretic.

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