Bancroftian filariasis

Bancroftian filariasis
Ban·croft·i·an filariasis 'ban-.krȯf-tē-ən-, 'baŋ- or Bancroft's filariasis -.krȯf(t)s- n filariasis caused by a slender white filaria of the genus Wuchereria (W. bancrofti) that is transmitted in larval form by mosquitoes, lives in lymph vessels and lymphoid tissues periodically shedding larvae into the peripheral bloodstream, and often causes elephantiasis by blocking lymphatic drainage
Ban·croft 'ban-.krȯft, 'baŋ- Joseph (1836-1894)
British physician. In 1877 Bancroft discovered a species of nematode parasite (Wuchereria bancrofti) and announced his discovery the following year in an article on filarial disease.

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infection with the filarial worm Wuchereria bancrofti, adults of which live in the lymphatic system, producing recurrent lymphangitis with fibrosis and obstruction. In extensive obstruction, chronic edema may result, progressing to elephantiasis. Microfilariae circulate in the blood, where they are transmitted to feeding mosquitoes, the vector and intermittent host.

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