bun·ga·ro·tox·in 'bəŋ-gə-rō-.täk-sən n a potent polypeptide neurotoxin that is obtained from krait venom and yields three electrophoretic fractions of which the one designated à is used esp. to label acetylcholine receptors at neuromuscular junctions because it binds irreversibly to them and blocks their activity often used with one of the Greek prefixes à-, ß-, or gamma- to indicate the electrophoretic fractions

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bun·ga·ro·tox·in (bungґgə-ro-tok″sin) a strong neurotoxin from the venom of kraits (Bungarus); three electrophoretic fractions, α-, β-, and γ-bungarotoxin, have been identified. α-Bungarotoxin, the chief fraction, binds irreversibly with acetylcholine receptors, producing neuromuscular block.

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