het·ero·phile 'het-ə-rə-.fīl or het·er·o·phil -.fil also het·er·o·phil·ic .het-ə-rə-'fil-ik adj relating to or being any of a group of antigens in organisms of different species that induce the formation of antibodies which will cross-react with the other antigens of the group also being or relating to any of the antibodies produced and capable of cross-reacting in this way <the detection of \heterophile antibodies is the diagnostic method of choice for infectious mononucleosis>
heterophile or heterophil n NEUTROPHIL used esp. in veterinary medicine

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het·ero·phile (hetґər-o-fīl″) pertaining to a group of cross-reacting antigens found in several species and having a species distribution that does not correspond to phylogenetic relationships, or to antibody directed against such antigens. Called also heterophil.

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