pu·bo·coc·cy·geus -käk-'sij-(ē-)əs n, pl -cy·gei -'sij-ē-.ī the inferior subdivision of the levator ani that arises from the dorsal surface of the pubis along a line extending from the lower part of the pubic symphysis to the obturator canal, that inserts esp. into the coccyx, that acts to help support the pelvic viscera, to draw the lower end of the rectum toward the pubis, and to constrict the rectum and in the female the vagina, and that contains bands of fibers comprising the puborectalis, the levator prostatae in the male, and the pubovaginalis in the female compare ILIOCOCCYGEUS

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pu·bo·coc·cy·ge·us (pu″bo-kok-sijґe-əs) pertaining to the pubis and coccyx; see under musculus.

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