Scheie syndrome

Scheie syndrome
Scheie syndrome 'shī- n an autosomal recessive mucopolysaccharidosis similar to Hurler's syndrome but less severe that is characterized by clouding of the cornea, slight deformity of the extremities, and disease of the aorta but not by mental retardation or early death
Scheie Harold Glendon (1909-1990)
American ophthalmologist. Throughout his medical career Scheie was associated with the hospital and medical school of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He described Scheie syndrome in 1962.

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a relatively mild allelic variant of Hurler syndrome and the mildest of the three allelic disorders of mucopolysaccharidosis I, characterized by corneal clouding, claw hand, involvement of the aortic valve, somewhat coarse facies with a broad mouth, genu valgum, and pes cavus. Stature, intelligence, and life span are normal; it is caused by a deficiency of L-iduronidase. Called also mucopolysaccharidosis IS; formerly called mucopolysaccharidosis V.

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