adiphenine hydrochloride

adiphenine hydrochloride

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  • adiphenine — ad·i·phen·ine .ad i fen .ēn n an antispasmodic drug administered in the form of its hydrochloride C20H25NO2·HCl see TRASENTINE …   Medical dictionary

  • Metamizole — Not to be confused with methimazole, the antithyroid drug Metamizole Systematic (IUPAC) name Sodium [(2,3 dihydro 1,5 dimethyl 3 oxo 2 phenyl 1H pyrazol 4 yl) methylamino] methanesulfonate …   Wikipedia

  • trasentine — tras·en·tine tras ən .tīn n, often cap a preparation of the hydrochloride of adiphenine formerly a U.S. registered trademark …   Medical dictionary