An individual who engages in both heterosexual and homosexual sexual relations. Bisexual can also refer to the corresponding lifestyle. In physical biology, the term "bisexual" refers to an individual who was born with gonadal tissue of both sexes (that, both testicular and ovarian tissue). Also termed a true hermaphrodite.
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1. Having gonads of both sexes. SEE ALSO: hermaphroditism. 2. Denoting an individual who engages in both heterosexual and homosexual relations.

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bi·sex·u·al (')bī-'seksh-(ə-)wəl, -'sek-shəl adj
1 a) possessing characters of both sexes: HERMAPHRODITIC
b) of, relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward individuals of both sexes
2) of, relating to, or involving two sexes
bi·sex·u·al·i·ty .bī-.sek-shə-'wal-ət-ē n, pl -ties
bi·sex·u·al·ly (')bī-'seksh-(ə-)wə-lē, -(ə-)lē adv
bisexual n a bisexual individual

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1. describing an individual who is sexually attracted to both men and women.
2. describing an individual who possesses the qualities of both sexes.

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bi·sex·u·al (bi-sekґshoo-əl) [bi- + sexual] 1. of or pertaining to bisexuality. 2. an individual exhibiting bisexuality. 3. hermaphroditic. 4. androgynous.

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