Surgical preparation of the alveolar ridges for the reception of dentures; shaping and smoothing of socket margins after extraction of teeth with subsequent suturing to insure optimal healing. SYN: alveoplasty. [alveolo- + G. plasso, to form]
- interradicular a., intraseptal a. removal of the interradicular bone and collapsing of the cortical plates to a more desirable alveolar contour.

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al·ve·o·lo·plas·ty al-'vē-ə-(.)lō-.plas-tē or al·veo·plas·ty 'al-vē-ō- n, pl -ties surgical shaping of the dental alveoli and alveolar processes esp. after extraction of several teeth or in preparation for dentures

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al·ve·o·lo·plas·ty (al-veґə-lo-plas″te) [alveolo- + -plasty] conservative contouring of the alveolar process, in preparation for immediate or future denture construction. alveoloplastic adj

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