A substance that inhibits or prevents the action of trypsin.
- α1-a. A glycoprotein that is the major protease inhibitor of human serum, is synthesized in the liver, and is genetically polymorphic due to the presence of 25 alleles; individuals appropriately homozygous are deficient in α1-trypsin and are predisposed to pulmonary emphysema and juvenile hepatic cirrhosis because of alterations in the amino acid and sialic acid components of the glycoprotein. The concentration of α1-a. rises in response to injury or infection. α1-A. also inhibits thrombin and elastase. SYN: α1-trypsin inhibitor, human α1-protease inhibitor.

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an·ti·tryp·sin 'ant-i-.trip-sən, 'an-.tī- n a substance that inhibits the action of trypsin see ALPHA-1-ANTITRYPSIN
an·ti·tryp·tic -.trip-tik adj

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