An alkaloid resembling caffeine and theophylline in its action and chemical structure, prepared from the dried ripe seed of Theobroma cacao or made synthetically; formerly used widely as a diuretic, myocardial stimulant, dilator of coronary arteries, and smooth muscle relaxant. Compounds with calcium gluconate, calcium salicylate, sodium acetate, sodium lactate, and sodium salicylate have been listed.

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theo·bro·mine .thē-ə-'brō-.mēn, -mən n a bitter alkaloid C7H8N4O2 closely related to caffeine that occurs esp. in cacao beans and is used as a diuretic, myocardial stimulant, and vasodilator

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an alkaloid, occurring in cocoa, coffee, and tea, that has a weak diuretic action and dilates coronary and other arteries. It was formerly used to treat angina.

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the·o·bro·mine (the″o-broґmin) one of the methylxanthines, a white crystalline alkaloid found in cocoa or made synthetically from xanthine. It has physiologic properties similar to those of caffeine, and is used as a diuretic, smooth muscle relaxant, myocardial stimulant, and vasodilator. Derivatives such as t. calcium salicylate, t. sodium acetate, t. sodium salicylate, t. sodium formate, and t. salicylate are available for use. Dogs consuming excessive amounts of cocoa sometimes suffer toxic effects from the theobromine, such as vomiting, diarrhea, muscle spasms, and coma.

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