1. Part of body by which the head is connected to the trunk : it extends from the base of the cranium to the top of the shoulders. 2. In anatomy, any constricted portion having a fancied resemblance to the n. of an animal. 3. The germinative portion of an adult tapeworm which develops the segments or proglottids; the region of cestode segmentation behind the scolex. SYN: cervix (1) [TA], collum. [A.S. hnecca]
- anatomical n. of humerus [TA] a groove separating the head of the humerus from the tuberosities, giving attachment to the articular capsule. SYN: collum anatomicum humeri [TA].
- buffalo n. combination of moderate kyphosis with thick heavy fat pad on the n., seen especially in persons with Cushing disease or syndrome.
- bull n. a heavy thick n. caused by hypertrophied muscles or enlarged cervical lymph node s.
- dental n. SYN: n. of tooth.
- n. of femur [TA] a short, constricted, strong bar projecting at an obtuse angle (about 125°) from the upper end of the shaft of the thigh bone and supporting its head. SYN: collum femoris [TA], collum ossis femoris, n. of thigh bone.
- n. of fibula [TA] the slightly constricted region between the head and body of the fibula. SYN: collum fibulae [TA].
- n. of gallbladder [TA] the narrow portion between the body of the gallbladder and beginning of the cystic duct. SYN: collum vesicae biliaris [TA], collum vesicae felleae.
- n. of glans [TA] a constriction behind the corona of the glans penis. SYN: collum glandis [TA].
- n. of hair follicle the narrowed part of the hair follicle between the hair bulb and the surface of the skin. SYN: collum folliculi pili.
- n. of humerus anatomical n. of humerus, surgical n. of humerus.
- Madelung n. multiple symmetric lipomatosis (Madelung disease) confined to the n..
- n. of malleus [TA] the constricted portion of the malleus between the head and the manubrium. SYN: collum mallei [TA].
- n. of mandible [TA] the constricted portion of the condylar process below the head of the mandible. SYN: collum mandibulae [TA].
- n. of pancreas [TA] segment of pancreas, approximately 2 cm long, connecting head and body of pancreas; it intervenes between the duodenum anteriorly and the junction of the splenic and superior mesenteric veins, forming the beginning of the portal vein, posteriorly. SYN: collum pancreaticus [TA].
- n. of radius [TA] the narrow part of the shaft just below the head. SYN: collum radii [TA].
- n. of rib [TA] the flattened portion of a rib between the head and the tuberosity. SYN: collum costae [TA].
- n. of scapula [TA] a slight constriction marking the separation of that portion bearing the glenoid cavity and coracoid process from the remainder of the scapula. SYN: collum scapulae [TA].
- stiff n. nonspecific term for limited n. mobility, often due to muscle cramps and accompanied by pain.
- surgical n. of humerus [TA] the narrow portion below the head and tuberosities. SYN: collum chirurgicum humeri [TA].
- n. of talus [TA] a constriction separating the head, or anterior portion, from the body of the talus. SYN: collum tali [TA].
- n. of thigh bone SYN: n. of femur.
- n. of tooth [TA] the slightly constricted part of a tooth, between the crown and the root. SYN: cervix dentis [TA], cervix of tooth, cervical margin of tooth, cervical zone of tooth, collum dentis, dental n..
- turkey gobbler n. large skin folds hanging under the chin.
- n. of (urinary) bladder [TA] the lowest part of the bladder formed by the junction of the fundus and the inferolateral surfaces. SYN: cervix vesicae urinariae [TA], collum vesicae.
- n. of uterus SYN: cervix of uterus.
- webbed n. the broad n. due to lateral folds of skin extending from the clavicle to the head but containing no muscles, bones, or other structures; occurs in Turner syndrome and in Noonan syndrome.
- n. of womb SYN: cervix of uterus.
- wry n. SYN: torticollis.

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neck 'nek n
1 a) the usu. narrowed part of an animal that connects the head with the body specif the cervical region of a vertebrate
b) the part of a tapeworm immediately behind the scolex from which new proglottids are produced
2) a relatively narrow part suggestive of a neck: as
a) a narrow part of a bone <the \neck of the femur>
b) CERVIX (2)
c) the part of a tooth between the crown and the root

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1. the part of the body that connects the head and the trunk. It is the region supported by the cervical vertebrae.

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(nek) 1. cervix (def. 1). 2. a constricted part; see also collum.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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